Classically Claire Is A Favorite Among Bloggers

Fashion blogs can supply style savvy readers with insight to the most cutting-edge trends, styles and colorfulThe handle for fashion blogger claire warner DIY accessories. They can also serve as pure entertainment, often providing a sensory couture tour of sorts, complete with high resolution photos or ad hoc videos. Many bloggers have their own fashion “voice” as well.

Some are incredibly funny, others tend to be succinct and to the point. However, my favorite bloggers are those that seem friendly and inviting. To me, this makes regularly reading their blog a bit like sitting down over a skinny vanilla late with a good friend: the conversation is always easy and I feel right at home.
Classically Claire is a popular women’s fashion blog that falls perfectly into my friendly/comfortable category.

While I don’t personally know the write and creator, California native Claire Warner, I have certainly grown to trust her sage fashion advice. Her laid-back, SoCal style is the stuff of summer dreams. Perfectly placed pops of color, twinkling costume jewelry, and floral accents help to round out the playful rompers, classic A line skirts, and conservative pantsuits (Aren’t we all looking for fun and creative suggestions to spice up our boring work attire?)
I also adore Classically Claire’s seasonal suggestions for accessories to include sunglasses, beach bags and music festival musts. I’m currently obsessed with her 16 must have beach bags entry, and am still drooling over a paisley Vera Bradley carry on that could easily double as a beach bag. There is also an adorable Kate Spade “Wing It” Pineapple tote—which you may have guessed is a bright yellow quilted carry on in the shape of summer’s most recognizable fruit. Seems like I need to get my hands on one of these and promptly book a flight to one of the Hawaiian Islands!