How to keep your enviroment safe

You will agree with me that keeping your environment safe is the greatest challenge you have faced so far. It is not because you are ignorant but because you have ignored simple things that if you followed for the past six months, you would smiling. You should not at all blame yourself for failure in enviroment consevation but should find ways of making the your environment safer. The first and the biggest step you should take is plant trees and take good care of the present ones. Apart from that trees make our homes elegant, they also play a major role in purifying our air.

This is something you should observed if you have ever visited a forest. I bet you were forced to leave the forest. I can assure you that planting one tree in every weekend can make a great impact in your environment. Apart from that, practical cleaning of your surrounding can make a difference in keeping the environment safe. What about you organize your friends and once in every two months you clean your houses and streets? This might sound ridiculous, but with a couple of friends, you will enjoy it Though you may not realize a change in the short run, within a year you will understand what living in a safe environment means. You might have heard this in you early school days; save all natural sources of energy such as wood, coal etc. The importance of taking good care of natural energy sources of energy may be indirect. But come to think of it, where does 70% of environment pollution come from?

Its definitely from the wood you burn anyhow, the kerosene you use to torch those no longer useful plastic bags and material and the diseal burnt in industries. So maximise use of recyclable sources of energy such as electricity and wind. This leads to another step you should take to keep your enviroment safe. Have you thought of recycling the plastic bottles that fill your store? This does not mean that you should own a reclying factory. You got me wrong. The man you always ignore by the dumpsite collecting plastic bottles can help you Invite him to your house and getting him those booties you intend to burn next. He will get them to the recycling factory. Try those few steps and make a better place for you and your generation to come. How simple!